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3 Things To Know About Tinting The Windows In Your Car

Tinting the windows in your car can really change the appearance of the car. Tinting the windows in your car also has many different benefits. When tinting the windows of your car, you need to know what you want and what you expect to get out of the process.

#1 How Dark You Want the Tint to Be

To start with, you need to know how dark you want the tint to be. Do you want to just have a little change of color? Do you want to have privacy? Think about how dark you want the tint to be, and find out what the laws are in your state. In most states, the windows can only be tinted to a certain degree; they cannot be tinted more than that. Make sure that the tint you want is something that you can legally get. If you get a tint that is too dark, and you are pulled over by the police, you will be fined and required to remove the tint from the vehicle.

The darkness of the tint on your window is measured by the light transmission that is allowed through the tint. The lower the light percentage that is allowed through the window film, the dark the window film will be.

#2 What Other Benefits You Are Looking For

Changing the color of your windows and allowing in less visible light are not the only benefits of tinting your windows. You need to think about what you are wanting to get out of tinting your windows.

Certain window films are designed to reflect away ultraviolet rays, protecting your skin from the sun. If you have sensitive eyes, window film can make it safer for you to drive. If you live somewhere really hot, like Arizona or Texas, window film can help keep your car cooler.

Know what other benefits you want to get out of your window film and convey that to the team installing your window film. This will help them choose the right tint for your situation.

#3 Be Prepared for Haziness

Finally, you should be prepared for your windows to look a little hazy and blotchy for the first several days after the tint is applied to the windows. It takes a while for the adhesiveness used on the window film to completely dry and cure. Any excess moisture used during the adhesive process will slowly evaporate. Your window tint installation team should be able to tell you how long this process typically takes for the specific type of window film that you are having installed on your vehicle.

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