Choosing Better Auto Accessories

Three Tiny Methods Of Advertising Your Auto Shop

Whether you perform regular maintenance, major body work after accidents, or car modifications, you will need to get on the ball with advertising. Word of mouth advertising and written advertisements work well for those who are in the auto industry, as every driver finds themselves in need of auto work or maintenance throughout the year. For your new auto shop, you should find small, cost-effective methods of advertising to your customers. Here are three tiny methods of advertising that will get the name of your auto business out to the city. 

Make promotional air fresheners

Everyone likes for their car to smell good. A nice smelling car is a car people like to drive. A promotional air freshener is also a simple method for advertising. Hand out promotional air fresheners when you are looking or customers at your business. They can be the small, cardboard kind with a usual scent, or they can be shaped with your logo. Have a diversity of scents to your promotional air fresheners so that people will drop by to get full sized ones from your store. This will keep a steady flow of customers coming in. 

Hand out car suction cups

A suction cup that can hold a phone, tablet, or any other small product such as a GPS is necessary for many cars. People often use GPS or use their phone on speaker when they are driving long distances. Hand out suction cups that will attach to the front window and can hold on to different sized objects with its own suction. Place your logo on the item so that the customers do not forget where it comes from. Having a staple product inside of your customer's cars ensures that they remember what number to call when they need car help. 

Provide microfiber cloths

Every car owner should have a microfiber cloth. Microfiber is the preferred method for wiping down the exterior of a car, whether washing or drying the car. Microfiber cloths are also good for the inside of the car, especially if you tend to pick up fast food or if you have children who may spill things on a regular basis. Print your logo and business information including address, phone number, and slogan on the microfiber cloths. Car owners can keep these cloths inside of their vehicles and even loan them to friends, which will spread the word about your business.  

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Choosing Better Auto Accessories

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