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Interested In Truck Camping? Make Sure Your Cap Has These Features

If you own a pickup truck and love getting out into nature, truck camping can be a perfect idea for you. Instead of heading to a campsite and spending half the time setting up your tent, you'll be able to enjoy being outside during the day, and then crawling into the bed of your truck for the night. To make truck camping comfortable, you'll need to buy a cap. You don't specifically need to buy a camper attachment for your pickup; a standard cap will get the job done, as long as it has these features that you'll need.

Sliding Windows

You'll definitely need to ensure that your cap has windows that slide open. Many truck caps have windows on the sides that do not open, but those that do will provide you with some fresh air when you're asleep. More specifically, ensure that the windows open and have screens. This feature will keep the bugs from disturbing your slumber. If you can't find a truck cap with screened windows, see if you can buy screen attachments to fit over the windows.

Head Space

There are a number of styles of truck caps to consider — some are sleek and low, while others are bulkier. Generally, the latter style is more conducive to truck camping. A taller truck cap gives you more head space when you're in the bed of the vehicle. This can help you avoid feeling claustrophobic as well as being more functional. For example, you don't want a truck cap that doesn't allow you to sit up in the morning. There's no magical height that suits all, but you should look for caps that give you as much height as you need. Remember, depending on your sleeping arrangements, you may have several inches of air mattress to account for, so keep this in mind.

Front Window

Not all truck caps have front windows, but it's useful to ensure that the model you buy does have this feature. When you slide open the front window of the cap and also open the sliding window at the rear of your truck's cab, you'll have access to the cab from the bed. This is handy for truck camping, as you can connect lights and other electronic devices to the power sockets in the cab of the truck. Whether you need some light for getting settled at night or want to power an e-reader when you climb into your bed, this feature will be handy.

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